Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs

Funny! Thought-provoking! A hit around the world!

"It's exhilirating in the extreme when a play strikes rich on every conceivable level. Such is the case with Stephen Sachs' Bakersfield Mist. A wry two-hander that handles highbrow artistic issues while zinging in plenty of uproarious one-liners. A perfect marriage of emotion and ideas that is rare indeed.”Los Angeles Times

“Not to be missed! Bakersfield Mist tackles large creative questions with well-timed zingers.”—Vanity Fair.  

“Wonderfully funny! Entertaining! Terrific! Definitely the genuine article.”—The Telegraph (London)

“Sachs’ short, clever play is a battle of wits.”—The New York Times

“A clearly stated, thought-provoking and cleverly funny examination of the value of art, self-worth, people's ability to create their own reality, society's reliance on 'experts' and the nature of criticism."Orlando Sentinel